Spiritual Anxiety: The Unforeseen Outcome of “Oughts” and “Shoulds”

religion and anxiety

You ought to be witnessing to your neighbor. You should pray more. A real Christian would read his Bible every day. Dairy Queen is only for sinners. Anything there sound familiar? If you’ve set your sails toward heavenly shores, you might have picked up these kinds of signals at some point. These kinds of imperative […]

Therapist Kati Morton on Dysthymia

kati morton

Once in a while I come across a video that can help to address a specific mental disorder. This is one of those times. I’ve appreciated therapist Kati’ Morton’s pleasant and informed video, and the one I’m sharing below deals with dysthymia (dis-thigh-mee-uh). I’m pretty convinced this disorder is more widespread than many people realize. […]